Holla, Chums! Ya baby-girl haven’t been lazing around with blogging as y’all can see for those who read my last post. Oh! you haven’t seen it? Just hit this baby here. I love blogging so much apart from reading, singing, dancing *you need to see me crawl, lmao*, and traveling. And oh! eating (most importantContinue reading “CETWORK”


Holla Fellas! It’s me again. Yeah, I know it’s been decades since I’ve been dead to blogging. Well, life has been awesome-fabulous! School have been hell, with so many projects, practicals, assignments, tests, quiz, and examinations. *School sweet but nah examination spoil am*.  Oh! yeah! I am now in my final year….. yeeeeaaaaahhhhh!!!! I justContinue reading “Plog”

Work of a god

So, where did you begin? Are you trying to say your sins will never disappear? You’re wrong. You’re not a person like that. Then are you a god? Which would you rather be, A god or a human being? Be a human being, That’s better. A human being suits you better. You’ve helped so manyContinue reading “Work of a god”


As the beautiful eye of heaven shines, I look through my palms, Trying to read the lines on them. They say, “If only you could let my hand fill the gaps between your fingers, Then, We could make a great team together”, As we hold unto each other. Hand-in-hand we walk, Working on the betterContinue reading “APPAUME”

#Currently I am…

Hello beautiful people, how’re you all doing? Hope you had a blissful weekend, because I had a delightful weekend. So today, I want to update my beautiful followers and reader what’s up in my life lately. So today, you ain’t seeing any poetry today, just stories, jokes and crazy stuffs I did and still doing.Continue reading “#Currently I am…”