3 Easy Steps to Draw Fuller Eyebrows.

Howdy! Having a hard time drawing your brows? You want it fuller but don’t know how to do that with your makeups? Here is a fun fact that just may come as a surprise to you after following the steps accordingly. But notwithstanding, you can also share with us more steps and tricks on theContinue reading “3 Easy Steps to Draw Fuller Eyebrows.”


Having plagiarism problems? I hope this helps you resolve it. Hello there! having plagiarism issues? Well, I hope this post can help you knock that out of your site. I am a blogger, I know that’s obvious, funny me.  I was also a freelancer. I wrote for a few people and companies, well as theContinue reading “#3 DANGERS OF PLAGIARISM IN A WEBSITE.”

Self-Care Practice Tips.

Hey folks, it’s a new morning and I’m so feeling this cold. But that’s by the way. How are you folks feeling? Well, lately I’ve been sick but my fingers wouldn’t let me rest full-time so I decided to give out what I do every day, every time or as time calls for it. Now,Continue reading “Self-Care Practice Tips.”

Tips to Draw Your own Kitty Eyes Perfectly…

Hey guys, how are you all doing? Today, I’m posting for all the beautiful ladies out there… and also for the make-up beauties. Here are few tips on how to draw perfect kitty eyes. To get it done perfectly like the one on the image above, follow the steps correctly and one at a timeContinue reading “Tips to Draw Your own Kitty Eyes Perfectly…”