Epitome of Love

Starring into the space while sitting on the shore, all I could think about is you. It has always been you, and will always be you. I can’t help it when it comes to you. Why? Because you’re an addiction. I’d take bullets for you, but I wouldn’t die for you. Tell me, if IContinue reading “Epitome of Love”


He was addicted to her demons, as she was addicted to his monsters. Because they tend to connect more than ever after having a taste of each other’s miseries. She was his possession, and he was her addiction. They love so scary, yet enticing, So evil, yet yields good fruits. As they walk down theContinue reading “Addiction”


Looking out through the window, I saw the sun setting and the stars coming out. The skyline was beautifully painted With pink and orange streaks that ran endlessly along the horizon. As the chirpy sound of the doorbell fills my ears, It sent a shiver that ran through my spine as the wall of anticipationContinue reading “Breathless.”