Hello there! having a great time I’d like to think. You might be wondering what has resolution got to do with spirituality or what is spiritual resolution itself. Have you ever gotten to a particular stage in life and nothing feels right anymore? Do you feel your spiritual growth is crashing down? Have you thoughtContinue reading “SPIRITUAL RESOLUTION.”

First New Year Resolution (Change of Look & Style).

Number One Resolution Down! Howdy cupcakes! How is it going? Well, today is the first day of the new week and trust me, I am not a Morning person. Nevertheless, I’d like to believe y’all had a great weekend? Okay, peeps! Today, I’ll be talking about my hair… or perhaps, I’d say my new styleContinue reading “First New Year Resolution (Change of Look & Style).”

New Year Resolutions.

What are your new year resolutions? Hello there! how is it going? Well, I’d say it’s gonna be thrilled for me, what about you? I’d love it if you’d share with me, please? Right! I believe we all had a wonderful celebration with our loved ones, as we all know that yesterday was all aboutContinue reading “New Year Resolutions.”

The Seasons Plog (Photo Log).

Congratulations Pumpkins! Y’all Made it to 2019… Yayay! It’s a new year! I am so glad we all made it to the year 2019. Irrespective of all the struggles and challenges Y’all had last year. Ladies and gents, I just wanna say, I am glad I met Y’all. Y’all made me happy and above all,Continue reading “The Seasons Plog (Photo Log).”