Supernatural Bond

She was his prisoner as his jailer. He was the monster while she was his hiding. They fought, but they never broke apart. It was their disagreements that brought them closer, and Their respect for each other bonded them with an eternal love, Only one with supernatural strength can break. Because their love made themContinue reading “Supernatural Bond”

The Circles.

The Circles of Life: Strive to Give, Give to Earn, Earn to Learn, Learn to Live, Live to Die, Die to Rest. The Circles of Success: Fail to Succeed, Try to Overcome, Strive to Grow, Pursue to Reach, Take Risks to Gain, Aim to Achieve, Think to Decide, Earn to Live, Live to Love, LoveContinue reading “The Circles.”

Love Isn’t Easy (Poem).

But… Love isn’t easy… Oh no, just a minute. I have an original one. What wish is one that can be easily obtained. What wish is one that can be easily obtained. Where there is no struggle in fulfilling it. Which once attained, Should feel like an achievement or else, Life just goes by. ThankContinue reading “Love Isn’t Easy (Poem).”

Cokafor Thoughts (Cynthia Okafor).

Howdy! How’s the weekend going? Today, I’m not gonna be selfish with my thoughts. Though it may not sound nice and that’s me for you… I am so far from being nice. I am simply being Me! I just hope that they will inspire you and motivate my viewers. So, please read, comment, like andContinue reading “Cokafor Thoughts (Cynthia Okafor).”