Cindy’s Quotes (CQ).

Hello, lovelies! It’s a new week, hurray! More like a fresh start for everyone out there and of course for me too… So, we ought to make the very best out of it, because once gone, it’s gone forever. You can not and can never have today again once it is gone. Therefore, make aContinue reading “Cindy’s Quotes (CQ).”


Holla Fellas! It’s me again. Yeah, I know it’s been decades since I’ve been dead to blogging. Well, life has been awesome-fabulous! School have been hell, with so many projects, practicals, assignments, tests, quiz, and examinations. *School sweet but nah examination spoil am*.  Oh! yeah! I am now in my final year….. yeeeeaaaaahhhhh!!!! I justContinue reading “Plog”

POEM (Dedicated to all the Poets and writers).

Woke up each morning, Smiling, Expecting your words (writings) to wake me up. Love to hear the rythm of your heart poured into papers, Your heart beats, Its echoes, Transformed into lines through the gracious ink that puts it down, For me to read and nod my head like an expectant father of an unbornContinue reading “POEM (Dedicated to all the Poets and writers).”