Love Isn’t Easy (Poem).

But… Love isn’t easy… Oh no, just a minute. I have an original one. What wish is one that can be easily obtained. What wish is one that can be easily obtained. Where there is no struggle in fulfilling it. Which once attained, Should feel like an achievement or else, Life just goes by. ThankContinue reading “Love Isn’t Easy (Poem).”


As the beautiful eye of heaven shines, I look through my palms, Trying to read the lines on them. They say, “If only you could let my hand fill the gaps between your fingers, Then, We could make a great team together”, As we hold unto each other. Hand-in-hand we walk, Working on the betterContinue reading “APPAUME”

Love Poem…

My life with you is a rejoice… Every second a cherished moment longing desires on top of the world. No no nothing; sweet soft sway to high spirits. In love with love I longed, my love. Put together precious pearls of warmth. The unspoken words that you are, the unlimited mystery that you are. My ever-drizzling honeydewContinue reading “Love Poem…”