The Seasons Plog (Photo Log).

Congratulations Pumpkins! Y’all Made it to 2019… Yayay! It’s a new year! I am so glad we all made it to the year 2019. Irrespective of all the struggles and challenges Y’all had last year. Ladies and gents, I just wanna say, I am glad I met Y’all. Y’all made me happy and above all,Continue reading “The Seasons Plog (Photo Log).”


Holla, Chums! Ya baby-girl haven’t been lazing around with blogging as y’all can see for those who read my last post. Oh! you haven’t seen it? Just hit this baby here. I love blogging so much apart from reading, singing, dancing *you need to see me crawl, lmao*, and traveling. And oh! eating (most importantContinue reading “CETWORK”


Holla Fellas! It’s me again. Yeah, I know it’s been decades since I’ve been dead to blogging. Well, life has been awesome-fabulous! School have been hell, with so many projects, practicals, assignments, tests, quiz, and examinations. *School sweet but nah examination spoil am*.  Oh! yeah! I am now in my final year….. yeeeeaaaaahhhhh!!!! I justContinue reading “Plog”

Get to Know ME…

Hello! Beautiful peoples. Happy Beautiful New Year to my lovely Readers and Followers! Guys, it’s been a new age war for me so far, so I just don’t know how to explain them or start but that’s why my post title says “Get to Know ME…”  So people if you have any questions or anythingContinue reading “Get to Know ME…”

Facts About Me Being a Leo (Zodiac-ally).

Hey folks… how’re you all feeling? Shout to all the Leo’s out there! Wanna say we rock… Oh yeah! to the Capricorn’s, Arie’s, Cancer’s, and so on (Add yours too)… I want to say a very big thank you to all my readers and followers… You guys mean a lot to me, and I appreciateContinue reading “Facts About Me Being a Leo (Zodiac-ally).”