Yesterday, You Said Tomorrow.

Hello there! Glad to have you back today. How your weekends? Mine wasn’t all great as I had to lie on my bed to recover fully from the little malaria attack, geez! Was horrible. Well, I’m better now and so here I am! I’ve something to share with you guys. So, listen up! This isContinue reading “Yesterday, You Said Tomorrow.”

Blaze in Life…

Bleak moment always make us doubt our strength in life. Allowing life to blight our faith, trust, love, and hope… Which sometimes, we tend to forget that we only have one life to live. So, why don’t we blaze with love, hope, faith and forgiveness which brings nothing, But peace and joy that grows withinContinue reading “Blaze in Life…”

Todays’ Tomorrow…

In your years of plenty, Remember to reserve for the years of empty… The same goes to life, Live like there’s no tomorrow, Love like it’s your last day on earth. But remember that your tomorrow Will definitely become your today someday… ​ Happy June Beautiful People… Have a Splendid Weekend Folks!.

Work of a god

So, where did you begin? Are you trying to say your sins will never disappear? You’re wrong. You’re not a person like that. Then are you a god? Which would you rather be, A god or a human being? Be a human being, That’s better. A human being suits you better. You’ve helped so manyContinue reading “Work of a god”