Be Still and Breathe

“Be still my child”, says the one who has the power to do all things. “Breathe my child”, says the one who nurtures you. “The hurdles of life may overwhelm you, but you are stronger than the world. You are stronger than your fears and tears, You are not a weaken because you are oneContinue reading “Be Still and Breathe”

Work of a god

So, where did you begin? Are you trying to say your sins will never disappear? You’re wrong. You’re not a person like that. Then are you a god? Which would you rather be, A god or a human being? Be a human being, That’s better. A human being suits you better. You’ve helped so manyContinue reading “Work of a god”

Guarding Speech.

In today’s world people no longer know the value and impact of conversations. Some people talk because they think and feel they know how to talk better than the rest. So, now I write to you learn to guard your speech. Would people lives change for the better or for worse when they listen toContinue reading “Guarding Speech.”

He’s Got You!

They can try to take your crown away but, You will never let your kingdom down. You know they are coming to take your throne, But you didn’t get here on your own (God had my back). So why worry about life and its ups-and-downs When you did not get here on your own. Be calm, for He’sContinue reading “He’s Got You!”

Quiet Sanctuary

Don’t get so busy that you miss the serenity of a quiet moment alone which is the beauty of a day. For it is often life’s smallest pleasures and gentlest joys that makes the biggest and most lasting difference. You are valuable just because you exist. Not because of what you do or what youContinue reading “Quiet Sanctuary”

#Becoming Functional

What exactly makes a home dysfunctional? When families stop accepting, loving and protecting one another, When friends kill each other after facing and fighting many battles of life, They’ve lost their original function. Families twist abreast each other, and a vast of rancor forms. But the good news is that this process is reversible. How?Continue reading “#Becoming Functional”