Have you ever been on the lane where nobody ever spoke of? Because that shit is what I feel right now. People says depression has a cure. Fine! All you need to do is talk to someone. Who? Try to be happy and live in the moments. Great! All this shit is what those whoContinue reading “Unshared”

Tarn of Tremors

Like waves, it hit her, like lightings it struck her, It pierced her with sharp waves of shock, leaving her drained. It was a state of dilemma, She couldn’t breathe yet was far off from dying, and She couldn’t die yet far off from living. She couldn’t hear her voice as nothing was audible. SheContinue reading “Tarn of Tremors”


My erratic moods had me walking on the stilts of depression and loneliness, Leaving me empty, lonely and broken that I always find myself healthy yet sick, happy yet sad, strong yet weak, and full yet empty, that most time I feel I need a paramedic, because I think I’m drifting away from myself aContinue reading “Feelings”

Feelings “Buried”

Holla Chums! So, it’s been ages like forever now? I think i stopped posting for quite a long time now. But, i promise i had good reasons for that actually. Today, i just wanna pour out some buried feelings. Those ones we refuse to share, the ones that embrasses us, the ones we keep pushingContinue reading “Feelings “Buried””

I KNOW…( The Inner Most Feelings).

I know I’m always left out, Not appreciated, Taken for granted, and hurt most times… But, trust me, If I letย  you get away, Then it means I loved you more than anyone else could ever do. So, be careful with how you mess around me. If I’m quite about it, It is because IContinue reading “I KNOW…( The Inner Most Feelings).”


Become what you feel when it’s right and good; so they say… What do you do when it’s something bad? Sometimes we want to be what we don’t feel, forcing our feelings to become what we want… When knowing fully well that you can never be what you don’t feel… For we become what weContinue reading “FEEL WHAT YOU HAVE BECOME”