Twilight Eyes

There she goes strong and tall, Stradling with confidence and strength like an eagle. Her crown sat so strong on her head, her feet as fast as that of the horses and her throne along sides with the evergreen of the mother nature. She was the moon, the sun, and the rain. Her eyes seeContinue reading “Twilight Eyes”


Everyone spends their youthful years. It’s a time more beautiful… because we’re immature, and a time that sparkles brightly. We’re not afraid because we have nothing to lose, And our hearts flutter because we can have anything. A 20-year-old youth. I’m not complete yet, but I’m more than perfect already…


God is all-generous in love, sheer beauty, always loyal and ever. For mankind have missed the full impact of God’s message, For we have not discovered what it’s to be ourselves, To be loved by God, irreplaceable in His sight, unique among others. But then, the really stupefying message of the Bible is that thisContinue reading “INVALUABLE LOVE”

The Only Fresh Insight.

Life is eternal- both in length and quality as long as is with God, Because every day we live is a priceless gift from God. And the incomparable joy, is the joy of discovering Something new from God, about God. For every day is loaded with greater possibilities to learn new things, to gain freshContinue reading “The Only Fresh Insight.”