Just because got scars by being physically abused Doesn’t mean that someone who has no scars Has a perfect life because Some ugly situations are preferable to others. The pathetic life you complain of, Are other peoples dream life. They might be no scars physically, But a whole lots of scars mentally and emotionally. LifeContinue reading “Scars.”

Strength of Mankind…

You can be that person who truly symbolises the phrase “Strengh of Mankind”. Only when you take and accept the opportunities before you, To prove that and let people be glad they were privileged to see, You as a living legend in action everyday you lived. To do that, you will have to display tremendousContinue reading “Strength of Mankind…”


We all entertain some kind of fright- real or illusion. For some, it may be fear of the unknown; future, or fear of failure. For others, it may be fear of rejection. Some of us may even have a phobia, a fear that seems irrational to others but is overwhelming and life-altering to us. SoContinue reading “NO FEAR!!!”