Epitome of Love

Starring into the space while sitting on the shore, all I could think about is you. It has always been you, and will always be you. I can’t help it when it comes to you. Why? Because you’re an addiction. I’d take bullets for you, but I wouldn’t die for you. Tell me, if IContinue reading “Epitome of Love”

Let’s be the Reason.

I want us to be the reason Why breakups wanna hook up again, Why kids wanna grow up fast, Why parents wanna stick together with their kids, Why the poor wanna work harder to become rich, Why the rich wanna make friends with the poor, Why the wicked forgets how to be bad for aContinue reading “Let’s be the Reason.”


Looking out through the window, I saw the sun setting and the stars coming out. The skyline was beautifully painted With pink and orange streaks that ran endlessly along the horizon. As the chirpy sound of the doorbell fills my ears, It sent a shiver that ran through my spine as the wall of anticipationContinue reading “Breathless.”


Looking out through my window, I saw the sun settling and soon the stars would come up. The skyline was painted beautifully as it ran endlessly along the horizon. As the chripy sound of the doorbell sends a shiver through me, As the wall of anticipation which was somehow built in my stomach breaks, andContinue reading “Breathless…”