Real Neat Blog Award

Hey guys, first of all I want to say thanks to Rachael and Fierce for the nomination😃. It’s actually my first Real Neat Blog Award, so I am truly happy to write a blog award post outside Sunshine and Liebster blog award 🤗. So, Rachael is a fierce wife with beautiful kids ( I’m sureContinue reading “Real Neat Blog Award”


Hey guys, how’re you folks doing? I am so delighted to be nominated again for the liebster award . But this time, a beautiful belle nominated me. Her name is Brian de Staic ,she blogs about Personal Blog, Sharing Celtic Culture, Art, Film, Literature, Jewelery, Travel, Irish Language, History and lots more. You should check out her blogContinue reading “LIEBSTER AWARD”

Sunshine Blogger Award

Hello there! This is my second sunshine blogger award. But this time, I was nominated by a belle named  Simofutet for such an honored award.  Sim (as I like to call her ) blogs about the journey of her pleasures, rants, and rambles to becoming a better version of herself. She also blogs about health practices asContinue reading “Sunshine Blogger Award”