Take a Rest

Have you ever been so tired that you feel like just giving up? You just want to disappear into a thin air? Do you feel so depressed, lonely, empty, that you feel it’s just you against the world? You need someone to talk to but you feel no one’s there for you? Do you feelContinue reading “Take a Rest”

#25 Quo-tivation💪🏽 to Keep You Moving.

Hello guys!🙋🏽 Sorry, i haven’t been posting. I am such a bad blogger.😥 Believe me, i know.😔 But, i can’t help it ’cause school gat me like that, welp!😓 So, lately i got back to school! Which i so hate😩, yeah! And congratulations to me again ’cause, it’s my finals!💃🏽 and i can’t just waitContinue reading “#25 Quo-tivation💪🏽 to Keep You Moving.”

Watch “Keep It You!” on YouTube

Hey!🙋🏽 guys… guess what? Well today, I did a video on my YouTube and it’s really awesome😊. It’s my first time and I really don’t know what to say and everything but, i said something anyways. I really hope you guys could take a look at the video where i poured out my thoughts byContinue reading “Watch “Keep It You!” on YouTube”


Hello there! How is it going? I would love to share something with you all. I came across this on Pinterest, and I felt like, why not share this with everybody and today, It is here! I just need 3-5 minutes of your time today and give this post a chance to add to yourContinue reading “9 TIME WASTERS THAT REDUCES YOUR PRODUCTIVITY”

True Happiness

Hi there! Today’s Friday! Yahaay!Thank God It’s FRIDAY!!! I know someone is excited but that’s the true Weekend spirit just like the Christmas spirit, yeah? So, with all the weekend troubles of going home to see your family, or to even spoil yourself with treats, you still find out that sometimes, we do all theseContinue reading “True Happiness”


My erratic moods had me walking on the stilts of depression and loneliness, Leaving me empty, lonely and broken that I always find myself healthy yet sick, happy yet sad, strong yet weak, and full yet empty, that most time I feel I need a paramedic, because I think I’m drifting away from myself aContinue reading “Feelings”

3 Easy Steps to Draw Fuller Eyebrows.

Howdy! Having a hard time drawing your brows? You want it fuller but don’t know how to do that with your makeups? Here is a fun fact that just may come as a surprise to you after following the steps accordingly. But notwithstanding, you can also share with us more steps and tricks on theContinue reading “3 Easy Steps to Draw Fuller Eyebrows.”


Hello there! having a great time I’d like to think. You might be wondering what has resolution got to do with spirituality or what is spiritual resolution itself. Have you ever gotten to a particular stage in life and nothing feels right anymore? Do you feel your spiritual growth is crashing down? Have you thoughtContinue reading “SPIRITUAL RESOLUTION.”


Having plagiarism problems? I hope this helps you resolve it. Hello there! having plagiarism issues? Well, I hope this post can help you knock that out of your site. I am a blogger, I know that’s obvious, funny me.  I was also a freelancer. I wrote for a few people and companies, well as theContinue reading “#3 DANGERS OF PLAGIARISM IN A WEBSITE.”

Grateful Monday (Be Thrilled…).

I know that a Monday can never be a grateful one ’cause of the stories behind it being a murderous day_for workers mostly… Hey! How is it going so far? Well, it’s has been a tremendous walk for me because life is full of so many ups and downs, but that’s what makes it fun,Continue reading “Grateful Monday (Be Thrilled…).”


Holla, Chums! Ya baby-girl haven’t been lazing around with blogging as y’all can see for those who read my last post. Oh! you haven’t seen it? Just hit this baby here. I love blogging so much apart from reading, singing, dancing *you need to see me crawl, lmao*, and traveling. And oh! eating (most importantContinue reading “CETWORK”

The Ultimate Guide To Baking (With Maybelline Fit Me).

Hello! Guys, it’s another Tuesday morning and the weather seems to be cloudy around my area today. But nevertheless, you still need to look good whether rainy or sunny (for the beautiful ladies) which is why I present to you the #4 Step on how to baking with Maybelline Fit Me. Maybelline Fit Me is theContinue reading “The Ultimate Guide To Baking (With Maybelline Fit Me).”

Self-Care Practice Tips.

Hey folks, it’s a new morning and I’m so feeling this cold. But that’s by the way. How are you folks feeling? Well, lately I’ve been sick but my fingers wouldn’t let me rest full-time so I decided to give out what I do every day, every time or as time calls for it. Now,Continue reading “Self-Care Practice Tips.”

#6 Astonishing Concealer Tips & Tricks For Beauties.

Hey guys, shout out to all my beautiful followers and readers… Thank you all for dropping by today again. So today, I’m actually gonna be dealing with the beauties once more… and any other fellow is welcome! Right now Xmas is around the corner and everyone is preparing so hard. And here I present toContinue reading “#6 Astonishing Concealer Tips & Tricks For Beauties.”

Tips to Draw Your own Kitty Eyes Perfectly…

Hey guys, how are you all doing? Today, I’m posting for all the beautiful ladies out there… and also for the make-up beauties. Here are few tips on how to draw perfect kitty eyes. To get it done perfectly like the one on the image above, follow the steps correctly and one at a timeContinue reading “Tips to Draw Your own Kitty Eyes Perfectly…”


Hey guys, today I want to give you few tips on how to choose the perfect primer for your beautiful faces. They are few things to look out for when choosing your face primer, it should be according to your skin, skin tone, skin conditions, and should also match your foundation for a good resultContinue reading ” #5 TIPS TO CHOOSE THE PERFECT PRIMER FOR YOUR FACE.”


So as summer is coming to an end, I think it’s time to plan for winter… oops! Don’t get lost I am just saying that, don’t give winter the opportunity to mess up with your hair ladies, and also for the men as well, because winter doesn’t know a men’s hair and a women’s’ hair.Continue reading “#5 AMAZING BUTTERS AND OILS FOR YOUR HAIR IN WINTER…”


Hey Ladies, did you ever count your hair as one of your problems? Hmmm… honestly I did but, recently I found how to get that out of my problem list. And today, I’m sharing with you guys my escape tipsy out of hair loss, hair breakage, and so on. Have been wondering how to preventContinue reading “#THINGS TO AVOID FOR YOUR HAIR GROWTH .”