Xenophobia Attacks On Nigerians in South Africa?

Hello guys! Been ages i wrote. Pardon me and let’s get to business. So, lately, I have been hearing that a lot and guess what? It’s actually my first time hearing about it, and all thanks to Kakaaki AIT TV station. The headline says, Xenophobia Attacks on Nigeria in South Africa. Firstly, what’s xenophobia? AccordingContinue reading “Xenophobia Attacks On Nigerians in South Africa?”

Take a Rest

Have you ever been so tired that you feel like just giving up? You just want to disappear into a thin air? Do you feel so depressed, lonely, empty, that you feel it’s just you against the world? You need someone to talk to but you feel no one’s there for you? Do you feelContinue reading “Take a Rest”

#25 Quo-tivationπŸ’ͺ🏽 to Keep You Moving.

Hello guys!πŸ™‹πŸ½ Sorry, i haven’t been posting. I am such a bad blogger.πŸ˜₯ Believe me, i know.πŸ˜” But, i can’t help it ’cause school gat me like that, welp!πŸ˜“ So, lately i got back to school! Which i so hate😩, yeah! And congratulations to me again ’cause, it’s my finals!πŸ’ƒπŸ½ and i can’t just waitContinue reading “#25 Quo-tivationπŸ’ͺ🏽 to Keep You Moving.”


Have you ever been on the lane where nobody ever spoke of? Because that shit is what I feel right now. People says depression has a cure. Fine! All you need to do is talk to someone. Who? Try to be happy and live in the moments. Great! All this shit is what those whoContinue reading “Unshared”

Watch “Keep It You!” on YouTube

Hey!πŸ™‹πŸ½ guys… guess what? Well today, I did a video on my YouTube and it’s really awesome😊. It’s my first time and I really don’t know what to say and everything but, i said something anyways. I really hope you guys could take a look at the video where i poured out my thoughts byContinue reading “Watch “Keep It You!” on YouTube”

Hello July!πŸ€—

Happy new month😘 to all my readers. Yeah! It’s July and guess what? It somebody’s birthday month 😊, and that person is muah!😍 I am so excited about that and the new blessings and accomplishments i am yet to make. Gosh! I’m so thrilled πŸ‘πŸ½. So, enough about me. Now, let’s talk about you. WhatContinue reading “Hello July!πŸ€—”


Hello there! How is it going? I would love to share something with you all. I came across this on Pinterest, and I felt like, why not share this with everybody and today, It is here! I just need 3-5 minutes of your time today and give this post a chance to add to yourContinue reading “9 TIME WASTERS THAT REDUCES YOUR PRODUCTIVITY”

Life of Man.

Living in the world of Chaos, where they are many Warriors fighting different battles, some warriors fight the battles in the world while some fight the battles within themselves. Life is a tragedy as well as a comedy which comes with an extra bag of tragicomedy. For some, the tragedy comes after the comedy, WhileContinue reading “Life of Man.”

Be Still and Breathe

“Be still my child”, says the one who has the power to do all things. “Breathe my child”, says the one who nurtures you. “The hurdles of life may overwhelm you, but you are stronger than the world. You are stronger than your fears and tears, You are not a weaken because you are oneContinue reading “Be Still and Breathe”

Yesterday, You Said Tomorrow.

Hello there! Glad to have you back today. How your weekends? Mine wasn’t all great as I had to lie on my bed to recover fully from the little malaria attack, geez! Was horrible. Well, I’m better now and so here I am! I’ve something to share with you guys. So, listen up! This isContinue reading “Yesterday, You Said Tomorrow.”

Tarn of Tremors

Like waves, it hit her, like lightings it struck her, It pierced her with sharp waves of shock, leaving her drained. It was a state of dilemma, She couldn’t breathe yet was far off from dying, and She couldn’t die yet far off from living. She couldn’t hear her voice as nothing was audible. SheContinue reading “Tarn of Tremors”


Silence became her new language when everything was so eerily calm, so quite that the only sounds heard is silence, not even the music of heartbeats was heard. She was susceptible to the fears and wars that occurs in her head. Her spirit screaming to be set free, yet she was silent. Rivers flowing fromContinue reading “Silence.”

Twilight Eyes

There she goes strong and tall, Stradling with confidence and strength like an eagle. Her crown sat so strong on her head, her feet as fast as that of the horses and her throne along sides with the evergreen of the mother nature. She was the moon, the sun, and the rain. Her eyes seeContinue reading “Twilight Eyes”

Epitome of Love

Starring into the space while sitting on the shore, all I could think about is you. It has always been you, and will always be you. I can’t help it when it comes to you. Why? Because you’re an addiction. I’d take bullets for you, but I wouldn’t die for you. Tell me, if IContinue reading “Epitome of Love”

True Happiness

Hi there! Today’s Friday! Yahaay!Thank God It’s FRIDAY!!! I know someone is excited but that’s the true Weekend spirit just like the Christmas spirit, yeah? So, with all the weekend troubles of going home to see your family, or to even spoil yourself with treats, you still find out that sometimes, we do all theseContinue reading “True Happiness”


My erratic moods had me walking on the stilts of depression and loneliness, Leaving me empty, lonely and broken that I always find myself healthy yet sick, happy yet sad, strong yet weak, and full yet empty, that most time I feel I need a paramedic, because I think I’m drifting away from myself aContinue reading “Feelings”


He was addicted to her demons, as she was addicted to his monsters. Because they tend to connect more than ever after having a taste of each other’s miseries. She was his possession, and he was her addiction. They love so scary, yet enticing, So evil, yet yields good fruits. As they walk down theContinue reading “Addiction”

The Circles.

The Circles of Life: Strive to Give, Give to Earn, Earn to Learn, Learn to Live, Live to Die, Die to Rest. The Circles of Success: Fail to Succeed, Try to Overcome, Strive to Grow, Pursue to Reach, Take Risks to Gain, Aim to Achieve, Think to Decide, Earn to Live, Live to Love, LoveContinue reading “The Circles.”