So Much Going on You Need to Take a Rest? Do this…

Hey folks, how is it going? Well, I have a lot on my plate right now. But I love you folks so much to not upload something today, so here goes it all… Have you ever had so much on your plate that all you ask is just to take a rest from everything? EverContinue reading “So Much Going on You Need to Take a Rest? Do this…”

Trapped in History? Do this…

What is your history? What seems to have trapped you in? What’s your story? I know this sounds funny but it’s true, and it’s something we all need to answer or have thought about, sometimes. We all are trapped in one thing or another. How do you get untapped from your history? According to theContinue reading “Trapped in History? Do this…”

Marveling What You are? See this…

Hey there, Readers.  How is it going? So, you might be wondering what’s going on today, but the thing is that I want to talk about what we truly are as a person or an individual. Have you ever caught a glimpse of yourself in a dilemma, where you keep gaping what you are? DoContinue reading “Marveling What You are? See this…”

Why Should You be Proud of Being a Black? Read this…

To all the blacks out there,  I admire you all not to forget the white,  tan,  and whatever color you are,  so long you are a human being, I appreciate you all for being unique and beautiful. But,  today,  I want to talk to the blacks. I wanna let them know what potentials they behold. Continue reading “Why Should You be Proud of Being a Black? Read this…”

To Get Happiness, Do This…

Hello,  beautiful people…  It’s Friday and so,  weekend is around the corner.  I am so happy and I’m sure you’re (you better be if you’re not). About hating? Hate means to hate intensively. Whether it is something or someone. That is according to Wikipedia dictionary. Either way,  hate shouldn’t be found within or around us.Continue reading “To Get Happiness, Do This…”

10 Reasons You as a Girl Should Consider Dating Your Male Best Friend.

So, nobody wants to be defenseless to a stranger or just fall for the new boy in school or the neighborhood when you feel that it is a big risk to take. Letting someone in, to break the walls you’ve built for so many years. Nowadays, the majority of girls’ philosophy is that if youContinue reading “10 Reasons You as a Girl Should Consider Dating Your Male Best Friend.”

#5 Amorous Gesticulations to Rouse your Mate with

It is a new Monday again. How is it going to be? It’s chilly here in Lokoja and heaven knows that this isn’t funny anymore ’cause, tell me how can Nigeria be like overseas just when it comes to being keen. Why not in development and other more salutary like wealth, good politics, security andContinue reading “#5 Amorous Gesticulations to Rouse your Mate with”

#4 Deficiency that Mars Relationships

Have you ever find yourself in a situation or a scenario in your relationship where you feel you are losing or falling out of love with your significant other? Yes, but don’t know what to do? Or no? Nothing to worry about, It all happens but shouldn’t be ignored. Sometimes in a relationship, it mayContinue reading “#4 Deficiency that Mars Relationships”

Take a Break

Hello love birds, how is it going? Happy boxing day to all the Cetworks family, also to the new members on the cause, you are welcome! So, today, we’ll be discussing “taking a break in a relationship and marriage”. As you all know, your opinions about every matter shared on this platform are highly welcomed.Continue reading “Take a Break”

#7 Spices to Spice Up Any Relationship

Hi guys, so this is my first post in a very long while now, and it might still not be a pro version. but at least, they are still mine. My thoughts and I love sharing them so why not. You see lately, I’ve been thinking, “what made so many relationships crash?” especially in Nigeria.Continue reading “#7 Spices to Spice Up Any Relationship”