My name is Cynthia .C. Okafor. I manage Cetworks, as well as its originator.

Cetworks is a blog regarding relationships of course, but not just for spouses or espoused personalities. It is for everyone and anyone who have matters correlating with people entirely. Also, it is for the spouse(boyfriends and girlfriends), Espoused couples, and singles. Cetworks is for everyone and anyone who aspires to work on their relations with people, God, and the society at large.

We are here to help you solve your affiliation with doubts and imperfections. We are here to equip you with engaging relationship tales, points, information, and penny-a-liners. Also, help you build your relationships with man and God. And lots more.

Check out a few posts to get started with. See #7 Spices to Spice Up Any Relationship and #5 Amorous Gesticulations to Rouse your Mate with and more…

What People Say

Nice write up and Thanks for the heads up too.

Ofobutu Oluseyi Samuel

Time heals everything, Give it time.

Cynthia Okafor

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.

Dr. Seuss

Our Story

Nothing good comes effortlessly, and managing a blog is never easy. I inclination give kudos to all the hustlers and business tycoons out there. Whether you’re hawking or you hold an office, I admire you all.

Operating a blog was never simple and wasn’t my thing just as majoring at Computer Science isn’t my thing. I had other plans and other dreams which is far from what I am doing today but, did that stop me from sailing my ship? No!

Somethings spurred me to run a relationship blog though I still can’t pinpoint what it is exactly. But, it bleeds my heart to see a broken home, relationship, and love which can be fixed if a little effort was added. So, my brain clicked up with an idea and a goal to help improve, edify and impact the little that I know from experience. Plus, I acquire too from your opinions, and thoughts via the comments I receive. So, it’s vise versa.

The course hasn’t been easy to be truthful, but here I am today. I got discouraged by the loss of inspiration and loneliness. Thanks to my family and fans who checked up on me and kept supporting me to write. Also, my co-writer Freak was there to fill in for me when I was dispirited.

Do I have any experience to be trusted and to be an expert? Well, I believe experiences don’t come with age. I can say that I am an expert in matters related to relationships with my experiences so far in life.

Experiences don’t come with age. It comes with responsibilities just as maturity.

Cynthia Okafor

But, if I was able to come back better and stronger after every failed relationship and surviving years of bullying as a kid, You also can. If I could become better with all the challenges and storms as a person, You can!

Quotes by Me to Keep You Going.

  • Don’t try so hard to become whom you want to be that you forget who you are.
  • Do something for you today, that your tomorrow will thank you for.
  • Be patient with yourself, even Rome wasn’t built in a day.
  • In every trial, there is always a testimony.
  • In every mess, a message is always passed. Be observant.

Let’s build something together.

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Have a Sound One!