My name is Cynthia Chiagoziem Okafor. I maintain Cetworks, furthermore as its founder and owner. Cetworks is also a motivational blog that deals with quotes, writeups and posts that keep you motivated. Nevertheless, it also deals with relationships, which is for everyone who has matters correlating with people entirely.

Cetworks is for everyone who aspires to live motivated daily. We are here to motivate you with our stories and also aid you to become solely you. We are here to implement you with motivational quotes, anecdotes, writeups, and posts that will help you to keep moving forward and so on.

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What People Say

Nice write up and Thanks for the heads up too.

Ofobutu Oluseyi Samuel

Time heals everything, provide it time.

Cynthia Okafor

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.

Dr. Seuss

Our Story

Nothing good comes effortlessly, and managing a blog isn’t easy. I bow kudos to all the hustlers out there. Whether you’re hawking or holding an office, I admire you each.

Running a blog isn’t simple, but pleasant as I transpire myself in writing. However, something drove me to run a motivational blog, which changed who I am today.

To circulating these ideas, I decided to have an interesting blog for someone who needs saving as I did, this is the right place to achieve that aim. The only difference between us is that I got help from friends but, I’m here to be that friend who wouldn’t allow you to try to do exactly anything just to overcome. I’d like to obtain your opinions, and thoughts about anything I do via the comments I receive which can go a protracted way in encouraging me to try to do better.

The improvement hasn’t been easy to be truthful, but I’m still here today. I got depressed, and I scaled through it, thanks to all who checked up to me and kept supporting me to write. Also, do not forget my co-writer, Freak, who was there to fill me when I used to be dispirited. Thanks, man.

Do I get any experience to be esteemed to be an expert? Well, I feel experiences don’t include age. I can say that I’m an expert in matters related to motivation with my experiences to this point in life.

Experiences don’t come with age. It comes with responsibilities just as maturity.

Cynthia Okafor

But, if I won’t be able to return better and stronger with all the challenges and storms as a private, you can!

Quotes by Me to Keep You Going.

  1. Don’t try so hard to become whom you would like to be that you simply just forget who you’re.
  2. Do something for you today, that your tomorrow is going to be thanked for.
  3. Be patient with yourself, even Rome wasn’t inbuilt daily.
  4. In every trial, there’s always an affidavit.
  5. In every mess, a message is regularly passed. Be observant.

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