Who am I?

“Hi, I am Chiagoziem.C. Okafor. A Nigerian and a Computer Scientist from the Polytechnic of Kogi State. I am the founder of Cetworks.”

What is Cetworks?

“Cetworks is a platform where I gossip about relationships. This blog is a place where I get to be me completely as I put my thoughts and experiences about relationships into digital writing. It’s a serene place where I find solitude as I do what I love and hopefully, knows how to do best. I hope you enjoy my gossips as much as I enjoy sharing them. 

The tagline that says “Let’s Gossip Relationships” means “I’d love to hear your thoughts/opinions as a reader/talker about my thoughts and experiences(Gossips) about relationshipsSpeak your minds and don’t bite your tongues, please.


The sole aim of having this platform or writing aside it being a hobby, I could use the earns though. But, Cetworks Mission is to impact insight into the young-bloods reading this about this thing called “Relationships”. Or anyone that could use a little help to gain a proper understanding of relationship tips and how they work. 

Who Needs Cetworks?

Cetworks is here for virtually everyone and anyone who loves to read everything or about romance too. You’re Welcome! But specifically, Cetworks is here for spouses, parents, young adults and teenagers. You see why I said it’s for the whole family! Welcomes… 

This is because it treats and deals with all kinds of relationships not just intimate relationships. Meaning, you’ll get to know/read about relationships in all angles such as family (Parents and Children), with the world, with your spouses (Your significant others) and so on. Spicy, huh?

What Cetworks Requires of You?

This could be too much to ask for some people, but please, Cetworks need your supports, opinions, constructive critics (Not insults or badmouthing) and your love all the time to grow and be one among the bests, standing out uniquely because it got you as its followers, likers, active commenters and sharers on all social platforms.

Cetworks Says?

Thank you for being part of the Cetworks family. Whether it comes as you being our sponsors, followers, readers/talkers, supporters, and partners. Cetworks truly appreciates your kind gestures. Thank You!