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5 Facts You Should Understand About the Term, “WILLINGNESS”.

Hello there, how is going? So today, I figured I’d like to talk about the term, “Willingness”. A lot of times you might be curious about what the term, “willingness” is all about.  Do you want to know how willing you are? Are you willing to help others even as you protect yourself from the world? Does willingness to do things help? What is the willingness in you? You might as well have questions like this going on and on in your head.

Then, you should go on to feed your curiosity.

The term willingness means alacrity, in other words, it means the state of being willing which means inclined, ready, and so on. Now, I ask you this, are you ready to help others with or without protecting yourself first? You know this question is important you answer them confidently within you. So, I ask again, are you ready to go out and do something for others without a justification? Are you inclined to acknowledge that others are not lesser than you in any way, and so you are going to treat them as though they were you? It is very necessary for you to have the answers to that question before you proceed with the sentiment of being willing to assist mankind.

This is because I observed that people are outright treating each other with less humanity these days. Like, is that the new law or something? Because I see no reason why we as human beings should treat one another any less. Which draws the five things you ought to understand about willingness because it is not a child’s play.

Five Validities About Willingness

1. Willingness is when you are eager to do something right, without having any attachment of whatsoever with the one who was/is benefiting. This is where you see a random person with no connection to you, and decided to help them. Not because you have it all, rather because you are inclined to do so.

2. Willingness is anything but arrogant. You can not be willing to do something and be arrogant about it. Just like oil doesn’t mix with water, no matter how experienced you deem you are. Willingness is more of being down to earth, humble and reasonable. Don’t get me wrong, but because you did something for Mr A, which he withheld to appreciate doesn’t guarantee Mr B is like that, and vice versa. Thus, don’t go about announcing to the world about how ungrateful people are. Why? Because you are and should be receptive to do good.

3. Willingness doesn’t guarantee appreciation from your benefiter. This is because of the impression people evolved with, which implies your benefiter must be grateful to you. No, it doesn’t work like that because people are so ungrateful most of the times, that is the reason we all hurt ourselves and kill our success one way or the other, while it is in the making. Learn to be appreciative.

4. Willingness does make you allies with everyone. The journey is going to be difficult, impossible even which doesn’t make you to not want to give up trying? But you have to keep pushing and don’t give up! The journey won’t be easy, which is the more reason you need to have a reason or what inspires you to want to be inclined to doing what’s good. 

5. Your safety is not guaranteed. Of course, that was an expression but also the truth. Though you are not being killed physically, rather, that will be happening mentally and emotionally, sure that’s 100%possible, therefore, protect yourself when you are in the act as well. What I mean here, is that no one wants to see you shine, and to not do better than them, which is why you need to protect yourself at the same time.

I hope this helps to propel the goodness in you and help you become unstoppable in the journey of willingness.

Have a Great Friday,

Stay safe, everyone.

By Cindy❤

Hey! I am Chiagoziem.C. Okafor. A Nigerian and a Computer Scientist from the Polytechnic of Kogi State. I am the founder of Cetworks. Okay!
Let's Gossip Relationships, yeah?

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