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Five Steps To Keep Yourself Pushing.

Hello folks, how is it going? Wondering why I didn’t post yesterday? Well, it was my mama’s birthday, and so due to the fun and stress, I wasn’t able to post. For that, I am sorry.

Today, I’d like to give whoever that needs a little push, and to those who would love to do a lot of positive things already. What I am saying is that they’re people who need someone or something to happen before they do something in life. For instance, in a scenario where you find yourself needing or wanting to have something for yourself, but you are lenient to get that thing. No offense to anyone out there who is in this criteria. Now, listen, it’s not that you don’t have the financial capacity or your health status is currently bad or anything as such, but you just need a push to get things accomplished. So, if you find yourself in that criteria, then this post is for you.

The Five Things to do to Keep it Pushing.

  1. Get a Journal and Write: Now, this may sound weird, but it works. It worked and still working for me. How do I mean? The thing is that people tend to read things that it’s written, either by them or not, maybe tomorrow, today, new year, but it is certain that as you write down something you tend to remember vividly that you have written something similar down somewhere. Just like I do, I write things down then go through my journal every weekend. But after writing what’s next?
  2. Read and Practice: In this phase, you need to go through what you have jotted down once in a while, but I don’t mean after months or years, no. Actually, if you can do this within the space of a few days that is even better. But, if you’re as busy as me with work, you can do this every weekend. Then practice, because practice makes perfect.
  3. Bring it into existence: Here, you have to execute whatever you practiced in the dark to the light. What this means is that you did Lot of practices on your own, but now you are gonna live it. Whatever you hide is hidden, but when you bring it to the public, it’s now in existence. Why? Because they’re now witnesses to whatever it is you’re doing.
  4. Don’t pay deaf ears to criticisms: This is because you don’t grow by not talking corrections and opinions from other people. Forget the saying that says, “what people say doesn’t matter.” It does and will always, but then I advise you to use this saying, “Use the stones people cast on you, to build your empire.”
  5. Learn, Grow and Live: Now, this phase is very necessary, because a lot of people ended on the fourth phase once they hear gossip about themselves. The reason is that they did not use or apply the criticism properly and thereby getting the wrong result. Now, don’t see criticisms as a joy kill or a discouragement. Instead, see it as suggestions, encouragement, and above all, the necessities for the building of a better empire. Therefore, learn from the criticisms, grow with the lessons you learned from the criticisms, and live a better life that you practiced so hard for, bring it to existence.

Having said all that, I hope you improve on yourself. Also, I hope you understand where I am coming from to know where I am headed with this post. But, even if you have a question or anything, feel free to live a comment on the box and don’t be stingy with your likes, follow, comments and share buttons. Be generous with them!

Have a Great Thursday,


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