Trapped in History? Do this…

What is your history? What seems to have trapped you in? What’s your story? I know this sounds funny but it’s true, and it’s something we all need to answer or have thought about, sometimes. We all are trapped in one thing or another. How do you get untapped from your history?

According to the Wikipedia dictionary, trapped means to be caught in a trap. The trap can be anything that you can think of. This can be your past, thoughts, lifestyle, and so forth.

According to the Wikipedia dictionary, history means the aggregate of past events. Either way, it still deals with the past. So, what’s that past that you seem to be trapped in? Whatever it is, it is time to move on.

These days, you discover a lot of people are trapped in beliefs, thoughts, cultures, lifestyles, pasts, and mistakes done in their yore, that they refuse to accept the fact that this belief, culture, and lifestyle is a history. Don’t get me wrong, because I myself believe that history has a great impact on the present, and also to the futures to come. But, when you don’t want to grow mentally, spiritually, and other aspects of life, or limit yourself in life, simply because history had an awful outcome in the past, then I’m sorry to say, but you seem to be trapped in the history.

Also, another scenario is when you had an ugly relationship in the past or unpleasant childhood memory, and because of that, you refuse to live now that you’re matured. I’m not being judgemental or criticizing, but what I am saying, is that because you had an awful start doesn’t safeguard an awful ending as well. Or, having a great start doesn’t guarantee a great finish or end.

This is why you should presume to live. Live your dreams into reality, dream bigger and make mistakes, but don’t repeat the same mistake twice. It’s okay to fail, make mistakes and even cry if need be, but giving up or quitting is not even an option, so don’t even think about it.

I’d like you to know these things and remember them.

Failures don’t make you a failure if you apply the lessons learned from it well. They help you succeed and become successful. Just like mistakes doesn’t make you lesser than others. It teaches us things we can only learn ourselves, and crying doesn’t mean you are weak. It simply helps you to see vividly, just don’t make it a habit.

So, make a reshape of your belief, thought, past and even your present. Try to see the reasons why you need to set yourself free from your traps. Try talking to someone about it, think about it, just so you can clear your heads and try new things if need be.

Never allow your past to trap your whole concept about life, love and everything else that makes up life. Nobody should live-trapped, in this century, especially when it comes to your dreams, beliefs, culture and so on.

Have a Hassle-Free Week,

Happy Monday,

Stay safe!


By Cindy❤

Hey! I am Chiagoziem.C. Okafor. A Nigerian and a Computer Scientist from the Polytechnic of Kogi State. I am the founder of Cetworks. Okay!
Let's Gossip Relationships, yeah?

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