Marveling What You are? See this…

Hey there, Readers.  How is it going? So, you might be wondering what’s going on today, but the thing is that I want to talk about what we truly are as a person or an individual.

Have you ever caught a glimpse of yourself in a dilemma, where you keep gaping what you are? Do you keep marveling what is resulting in you that you do the things commit? Why you commit them?

Well, that’s what I choose to discuss today. I want you to read this to know that, what you are doesn’t matter if you don’t know who you are. The truth is that you can not find out who you truly are when you keep accepting to be what you are not.

I want you to visualize yourself in this scenario, where you are totally a gentle person, but because of what transpired previously in your yore, you chose to be a difficult person. You start impersonating recklessly, living a nefarious life and become so impetuous. Then, people now see you like a modicum when truly,  you are a decent person. Now, tell me, who is relinquishing from this kind of lifestyle?

So, why don’t you be yourself, be you and be proud of it? Whether you are being used, whether you are called all sort of names or being mistreated. The truth is that someone somewhere like you for you and whether or not you feel sad or cry about something, it is okay.

There is something that I perceived, people incline to behave frantic and arduous all the time, and want someone to love them for being like that. But, the truth is that no one likes a reminder of their yore. We all desire someone who accepts us for being ourselves, and not judges us.

Hence, I recommend you to know today, that you are a weapon and you shouldn’t weep. Forthwith, what I am meaning is, that it is alright to cry, for when you cry you rinse away the dirt in your eyes to see better. But crying too much will make your eyes slippery, and thereby making your eyes fall off your eyeballs. What? That’s what I believe, so sue me.

The sense is, you shouldn’t dwell in the missteps you made in the past, instead, learn from them and move on. Again, don’t overlook the fact that you need to be yourself to know what you are, and when you find out what you are, which I expect is a good thing. Nevertheless, even if it’s not, you are setting in motion to make it work, positively. Because you can be whatever you set your mind up to be.

I wish you a tremendous Sunday…


By Cindy❤

Hey! I am Chiagoziem.C. Okafor. A Nigerian and a Computer Scientist from the Polytechnic of Kogi State. I am the founder of Cetworks. Okay!
Let's Gossip Relationships, yeah?

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