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To Get Happiness, Do This…

Hello,  beautiful people…  It’s Friday and so,  weekend is around the corner.  I am so happy and I’m sure you’re (you better be if you’re not).

Be happy.

About hating? Hate means to hate intensively. Whether it is something or someone. That is according to Wikipedia dictionary.

Either way,  hate shouldn’t be found within or around us. Reason is because happiness can never be found where there’s hate.

Ask yourself,  why hating that person who doesn’t even know you exist? Why hating someone so much that you try all you could to avoid them,  when they don’t even know you are there. Why hate something so much that you refuse to give it a try?

Seriously, hating is hard work that you do in a negative way.  Why not use that strength you use in hating your cousin,  a friend or anything to do something productive for yourself today?

With all said and done,  avoid hatred.  They can never and never will there be happiness when you are busy hating on someone or something.

Make your choice now,  choose happiness and spread love to flourish or hatred and die in agony. Your choice.

But,  I sincerely hope you’d make the right choice. Don’t go hating…  Everybody get Wetin e dey face (we all have our own battles and demons), one way or another.  Spread love Maka e get why (there’s a reason). 

Have a blissful Friday,

Cetworks 💕

By Cindy❤

Hey! I am Chiagoziem.C. Okafor. A Nigerian and a Computer Scientist from the Polytechnic of Kogi State. I am the founder of Cetworks. Okay!
Let's Gossip Relationships, yeah?

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