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10 Reasons You as a Girl Should Consider Dating Your Male Best Friend.

So, nobody wants to be defenseless to a stranger or just fall for the new boy in school or the neighborhood when you feel that it is a big risk to take. Letting someone in, to break the walls you’ve built for so many years. Nowadays, the majority of girls’ philosophy is that if you accept a guy within a week, that makes you cheap. But girl, that ain’t no truth.

Enough of the blabbing! Let’s dive in and see why you should consider dating your male best as a girl if he is interested or ever asks you out. Forget the formalities, cause good men are hard to find. So, why waste time? But then, love is a risk to be taken!

Here, are the few reasons and you’re welcome to add yours.

1. The one you tell everything and anything: Have you ever thought of having a relationship with a guy who knows and understands you better? Like that is a blessing! Having a guy you can discuss everything and anything with is indeed a bliss.


2. The one who takes care of you: Girls be honest, Outside family and boyfriends, plus if you have a great besty doesn’t he take care of you? If your male best friend can pick up your call at 12 mid-night and come get you when you are stranded, marry him. It takes men only death, their mother and money sometimes to leave their sleep. Like, who doesn’t love their beauty sleep? No one, that’s it!

3. He is the one who handles your rainy and sunny days: If a guy can be with you when you are down on a mood swing or your period, or when you’re so hyperactive when he is so weak and tired. He is special. Heck! If a guy agrees to be with you when he knows your august visitor is around, with the crankiness and the mood swing? Girl, treasure him. Nobody likes to be with a cranky lady. It’s like pissing off a pregnant woman, and you know what that is.


4. The one who loves you truly: True love is hard to find as well as a true friend is rare. So, if a guy can take all your pieces of luggage and still cares deeply? Marry him. Not all guys can see all your flaws and still call your perfect. Forget the vicious lifestyle of always seeking for money. When the feeling is real, wealth and all the fame you want can be achieved.


5. He is your family: It takes a real man to be gentle and a rare gem to be respectful. If your male besty tells you your wrong, then loyalty is one of his characters, and that is rare these days. It takes a real guy to be loyal to a girl whether she wants to hear it or not, so long it’s for her good.

6. He is your friend: If your best male friend knows you lost your V-card and it still stays between you two, not even his buddies know about it? Girl, you are one, lucky damsel! If he keeps your secrets, he is rare.


7. If he has your back come rain, come shine: Then, he is truly what you need. Some guys are fearful of responsibilities, and you see one who handles yours as his. He is truly a friend and is okay to be taken to the next level if he wants it to happen. Otherwise… *Winks*

8. The one who sees through your facades: It takes a man who is observant to know you’re not happy even with your fake smiles put on at its best. Such men are rare, acknowledge what you have.


9. The one who does those little things just to cheer you up: If your besty can skip work, or after a hectic day at work still does little things to make up for the last time they hurt you. If he surprises you or even gets on your nerves just to get a reaction from you when you’re sad, that shows he truly wants your happiness. Reciprocate that too.


10. The one who gives you his time: So far, so good, We all know that no guy will do all the things we mentioned earlier if they don’t include you in their schedule. It takes the best besty and a good person to give out their time for whatever reason. Make good out of those times and never make them regret it. The same applies to your best

In termination, after the broken heart caused by other guys, a hectic day at work, and after all the ugly things that could ever happen to you in a day and you come telling that one person– your besty. Why not consider making friendship all or nothing.

Also, don’t forget to respect their wishes if otherwise, and also, take your time to avoid losing a lifetime friendship, that is not something you should ever wish anyone that has a true friend.

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