The clock keeps ticking


You can make today better than yesterday just by Intentionally refusing to pick those calls or reply those messages that you know do not make your life any better…
Look! Any relationship that doesn’t motivate you do be a better person should not be given attention after your first and second or maybe your third encounter with such people. There’s practically no time! If there’s a beautiful future in that RELATIONSHIP, you’ll know from the start, except you really do not even know who you are, where you are or where you’re going in life.
You need to start living INTENTIONALLY. Choose your circle without apologies. Let people earn the space they occupy in your life by MERIT!

By Freak

A writer.... Poems, rap, a lyricist... g2p
philo phobic, love cooking .... can be a gormandiser too... Ekiti vector .. Abyss mind. Maybe a marlian. GeY. Puns!.. Melody lol..

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