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#5 Amorous Gesticulations to Rouse your Mate with

It is a new Monday again. How is it going to be? It’s chilly here in Lokoja and heaven knows that this isn’t funny anymore ’cause, tell me how can Nigeria be like overseas just when it comes to being keen. Why not in development and other more salutary like wealth, good politics, security and so on.

The Inspiration

With that being, by the way, I was inspired to write this post by a contact status I saw on Whatsapp. Don’t get me wrong but I can’t help to think that Africans especially Nigerians don’t know how to show love.

To Nigerian lovers, I am sorry but this is a matter of reality. I mean, how can you wake your spouse on the same bed by shaking them, or yelling their names. I mean, C’mon guys, that is not amorous. So, I will suggest a few ardent gestures to wake up your partner and make their morning sweet is essential. The few tips will help achieve that.


1. Peppering /showering them kisses on their face. Just spike kisses for those who can’t stand bad breath. That doesn’t signify they don’t love you sufficient to harbor your bad breath. Not everyone can stand bad breath. So that is understandable, and because someone relishes you doesn’t mean they can’t express how they feel or be loyal with you when it comes to bad breath.


2. Breakfast in bed is also a select way to attest to your man/woman that you love and appreciate them. Especially, after a long night. Breakfast in bed is the fittest.


3. Whispering words of endearments. Though people love it when you address them with their names. It registers to them that you care about them to keep their names at heart but that’s a different thing when it comes to mates. How would you respond to hearing those endearments you love so much from the love of your life or the love of your present. It’s amorous and engaging. It shows your partner that you love them. A very balmy way to show give him/her some affection.


4. Full lips kisses. Oh, yes! How often do you kiss your partner? Is it just when he/she has a good breath? Although, I recommend to stay healthy and maintain healthy hygiene. But, when you go head-on and kiss your partner in the morning with the bad breath nevertheless fully loaded, I think that sends a message of love and affection even without saying the three magic words.


5. The yearning stare. Yes! When you stare at the one you love with so much love, that the world fades away, and all you see is just your partner. That is truly wondrous and sometimes, if your partner wakes up to the minute you were relishing them in their slumber, it truly warms the heart and there, you have just wake up your partner with a loving gesture that tugs the heart and puts a smile on their face.

So, they’re so many romantic gestures to wake up your partner with. Don’t be the gong/alarm that buzzes every day with a harsh tone. No one love to be woken to/by a harsh tone.

Exhibit and proffer your partner some love right from the bed to help kick away any outcast emotions that only bring down their disposition.

Have a love-filled Monday! ❤

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