Emotional Denial

Holla Lovers, how is it going? Hmph! Well, my day is going pretty well but then, I can help but sharing this story that keeps popping in my head. Arrgh! Okay… Enough of my blabbing, let’s dig in!

Story Time

One evening, I woke up from a nap by his stupid calls. Soo tired… argh!

“What is it?”, I asked.

“I miss you”, he replied on the phone. Fidgeting with my silk robe which I was wearing. I felt my heart flutter from his little profession of affection towards me.

But, being the stubborn me, I told him, “Is that why you disturbed my sleep, you stupid, arrogant, jerk! Don’t ever call me, again! Arrrgh!”. After pouring out my rage on him. I was waiting for him to say something awful to me or hang up on me. But, It never came.

I was about to hang the call on him when he chuckled and that alone sent chills down my spine. Gosh! I hate it when he has these effects on me, I thought to myself.

Immediately, shaking the thoughts off. I yelled at him, “Go show off your ego elsewhere, sheesh!”. But then, he swept me off my feet with the next thing he said to me.

“I love you, Sky. Please, give me a chance”. Now, don’t get me wrong, but this guy is arrogant and mean. The dude doesn’t even talk to me. And for the past 10 years since we were in diapers and even when we went to college, he acted like he doesn’t even know me. And now, this? Well, He better look out! I thought to myself.

Snapping back from my little brain break, I heard him say, “Hello, Sky. Are you there?” Holyyokomoly!!!

“y.y.yeah.”, I answered, facepalming myself for shuttering.

I hanged the call like a maniac sweating from all the yelling I did earlier, well-done, Sky! I praise myself, smiling like a fool about what Xavier said earlier.

My fragile throat felt like the red ants are having a party down there while my head bangs like the mp3 stereo was placed just right there to reward me for being so generous with Xavier. Karma is a generous bitch indeed.

“Jesus! What does he think he is? Who the sugar is Xavier to have such an effect on me? I hate him! Arrgh!” Note the Sarcasm dripping.

I kept having a small derangement within my thoughts. Not knowing I was stupidly thinking out loud in front of an uninvited audience. Great! Why does the universe love me so unwanted much? *sarcasm dripping…

The next thing I saw left me picking my jaw from the floor. The Motherlover is kneeling behind me with a loud, grounding-shaking and a breathtaking ring with my family and his, all gathered in my sitting room.

I wasn’t fair or white, but I’m sure I was looking like a purple tomatoes from my neck up to my eyes that were currently on the ground admiring my all of a sudden sexy feet.

The next question I heard threw me off balance and land me in an unconscious state right now.

The End.


What do you think was the question that Xavier asked Sky that threw her to an unconscious state?

What would you do if you were Sky? Ladies

What do you think that made Xavier seem arrogant to Sky?

Who was the arrogant one here, Sky or Xavier? Justify your option.

Why was Sky in denial?


Sweet-reader, Leave your answers on the comment box. Please, like, share and follow for more stories!

Tomorrow, I will be posting the answers. But, Let’s hear from you first.

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