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Hello love birds, how is it going? Happy boxing day to all the Cetworks family, also to the new members on the cause, you are welcome! So, today, we’ll be discussing “taking a break in a relationship and marriage”. As you all know, your opinions about every matter shared on this platform are highly welcomed. So, my relationship gurus, say something! Either you in the yay or nay teams state your reasons to whichever you go for. Don’t be a ghost reader!


Right! Let’s get into this topic, yeah? So, I got this post idea yesterday from Area10 tv station on Star time during the Wednesday Lunch Jollification program by Ykdvillagegirl. They were discussing taking breaks in marriages and relationships, and it struck my mind that a lot of people if not the majority of individuals think that it’s not healthy to take breaks in relationships, especially marriages.

So, guys, I’d love to hear your opinions on this matter. Because for me, I think it’s ideal and healthy to take breaks in relationships though I can’t say much about doing that in marriages. But I still rote for taking breaks in relationships and marriages.


Now, I’d like you to picture/envision these scenarios, before deciding to rote for taking breaks in relationships and marriages or not.

Let’s take, for instance, you are in a relationship and you don’t feel your partner like you used to, maybe when it all began at first, or you want your relationship spicy as before. Maybe due to responsibilities, career pursuits, works, ups and downs of life, etc. and you find out you are gradually losing this person or you think you are falling out of love with this person. Maybe you are the touchy and possessive type and you feel your partner no longer wants you which may seem true to you because you both argue more than you kiss, love, enjoy each other’s companies and do all the spicy things. I hope you get the vibe, yeah?

So, maybe all these things happened or have been happening and you don’t know if you want it in or out anymore, why don’t you take a break?

Why Taking a Break in Your Relationship or Marriage is Necessary?

Well, you need a break in your relationship or marriage for these reasons sometimes.

To clear your minds and think properly to avoid rash decisions. Also, they are some people who think properly when they enjoy their solitudes. While some people, just need that me-time alone to function properly and give what your relationship requires. Either way, everybody loves to be alone at some point so don’t make your relationship always our time.

You need a break to get new ideas. This is to say that, maybe you both ran out of spices to spice up your relationship or marriage, therefore, it becomes boring and you want it back spicy and thrilling, you need a break too. Maybe you need a girls/ boy’s time alone to get in check and provide what your relationship requires of you.

To appreciate who you have in your life as your partner. Yes! This too happens. Remember the colloquialism that states, “People don’t know what they have until they lose it”. Well, taking a break can help you understand that better. When you don’t appreciate the presence of your partner then I think their absences should do the magic. Right?

To relieve stress. Yeah! Seeing your partner every day can be stressful for some partners. Don’t judge them. They want to have a partner who will be gone and returns home when they are off from work and someone who has a lot to talk about when they are asked, “how was your day, baby? Or how was work, babe?” nobody wants to date someone who is not fun to be with. So why don’t you take a break and seek for help or better still get busy with something meaningful? That should work too!

To understand better what you are into or who you are dealing with or even to know more of what is required of you in your relationship. Yes! Meet a therapist or seek advice and work out what might be wrong and find out what seems missing in your marriages and relationships. Nobody knows it all, but they are always someone who knows better than you do. So, why don’t you take a break and get your relationship back or fix your marriages up?

Having said all that, I still want us to understand properly what “Taking a Break in Relationships and Marriages” truly means.

What Does it Mean to Take a Break in Relationship or Marriage?

According to Wiktionary, to take a break means to have a short rest period in one’s work or studies, other activities. Therefore, to take/have a break in relationships or marriages simply means to have a short rest period form your spouse or partner. In other words, it simply says, you can have a vacation from your relationship or marriage, just to enjoy some solitude and have things in check again before returning to your partner in a short period.

This is what taking a break in relationships or marriages is from my perspective but let’s hear yours?

How to Take Breaks in Relationships or Marriages

Taking a break in marriages or relationships isn’t necessary to go all “It’s over”, “I’m done with you”, “we are done”, and so on. Nope! I disagree with that.

Taking a break in a relationship or marriage should be like going on vacation or to visit a friend or visit your family (for married women) just to stay for a few days or a week at most and have a boy’s time (for the married men). It shouldn’t be like relocating to a new neighborhood or a new state.

Right! Having said that, I still propose that it is healthy to take a break in relationships and marriages too. It helps in boosting and waxing marriages stronger than divorcing. ‘Cause, that shouldn’t even be an option for those who truly love themselves.

Taking a break in helps relationships build up stronger making it thrilling and spicy, instead of increasing the rates of breakups and broken hearts in the world. Work it out and make it last!

Don’t forget to drop what you think about taking a break in relationships and marriages in the comment box. Let me know if you are in the yay or nay team. Also, please share with your friends, Cetworks family needs more people in the family, yeah! Also, follow Cetworks and like our posts.

Happy Boxing Day from Cetworks to You!

Have a Great Time…x

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