#7 Spices to Spice Up Any Relationship

Hi guys, so this is my first post in a very long while now, and it might still not be a pro version. but at least, they are still mine. My thoughts and I love sharing them so why not. You see lately, I’ve been thinking, “what made so many relationships crash?” especially in Nigeria. I know, it’s not just here but, hey! This is where I live but, I’d love to know about other countries. So, comment down below on the comment box if it differs.

As I was saying, I’ve been seeing a lot of posts on social media lately about relationship issues. Plus, I think it’s even trendy now that most individuals prefer dealing with their problems publicly nowadays. But, that’s it anyways. This post will help you understand better what is required of you in your relationships with people, especially your significant others. Whether you are the male/female, it’s simply vice versa.

Now, let’s get into this post, yeah? Apart from the love in any relationship, they are seven ingredients that must not lack in it no matter what. Let’s get this rolling!

  1. Trust: You may or may not have known more about this. But if you want to even get any relationship started, you sure need trust. It builds love and respect towards your significant others.
  2. Respect: This isn’t where you display your age, and trust me, how old you are doesn’t make you right when you’re wrong in any relationship. Respect is reciprocal, which means do to your significant others what you’d love them to do to you under any circumstances. That includes respecting the decisions they’ve made before they met you and even when you are together.
  3. Patience: Be patient with your spouses. You need the patience to love them better. This may sound cliché, but anyone without patience gets it all wrong. You need to be patient to adapt to each other and express your feelings towards one another properly.
  4. Understanding: In every relationship, understanding is essential. For without it, your communication lifespan dies off a space of a short time. Lack of understanding produces misunderstanding, which leads to conflicts and arguments. Try as much as possible to understand your significant others without judging them. No one loves to be judged at all, especially without understanding their perspectives on things.
  5. Communication: This is the most interesting part of any relationship. You need to communicate with your significant others to know each other better and carry each other along.
  6. Appreciation: This might seem nothing, but a simple “thank you”, isn’t just all you need to show you are truly thankful for having your significant others and the people around you. But, a visit to the gift shops and little sweet gestures will sure do the job.
  7. Acknowledge: This shows you value those in your life. Especially, those little things we do or say to our significant others, such as, “I’m sorry”, “thank you” “I love you”, “please” and so on. These things and the endearments we use for those special people in our lives make them warmer and simply say we value them even without buying the world for them. Not that that is bad though if you can afford it.

Having known all that, I’d advise that spouse and couples should do the little things more often, and not just on special occasions. Treat your significant others like the king/ the queen they are, even though it’s the thoughts that matter. Never make those who love you feel alone.

Merry Christmas!!!

Have a Great Time.


By Cindy❤

Hey! I am Chiagoziem.C. Okafor. A Nigerian and a Computer Scientist from the Polytechnic of Kogi State. I am the founder of Cetworks. Okay!
Let's Gossip Relationships, yeah?

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