Xenophobia Attacks On Nigerians in South Africa?

Hello guys! Been ages i wrote. Pardon me and let’s get to business. So, lately, I have been hearing that a lot and guess what? It’s actually my first time hearing about it, and all thanks to Kakaaki AIT TV station. The headline says, Xenophobia Attacks on Nigeria in South Africa.

Firstly, what’s xenophobia? According Wiktionary, Xenophobia is
A fear of strangers or foreigners.
A strong antipathy or aversion to strangers or foreigners.

So, having known the meaning of xenophobia, I honesty fear for the lives of our fellow Nigerians in South Africa and other place. I am not a news person, but this? It got my attention and hell! We need to pray for our fellow Nigerians lives in other countries.

Honestly, do you think the Federal Government is gonna comply? And what exactly will be their response. God save Nigerians and others who is met with such plight.

It saddens me how on earth humans turned so evil. Day-after-day, it gets terrible and all this is because mankind no longer trust one another.

Back to business! So, according to the debaters from AIT Kakaaki, the xenophobia attacks is as a result of Nigerians being more successful than the South Africans. We, the Nigerians are not bad after all no matter what. Nigerians are lot more successful than them in what they do.

So, my people, what do you say to about this ungodly acts? Are we to hate or pray? Let’s say no to this ungodly acts and pray for our fellow Nigerians lives.

Have a life free from Xenophobia Attacks. Amen.


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