Take a Rest

Have you ever been so tired that you feel like just giving up? You just want to disappear into a thin air? Do you feel so depressed, lonely, empty, that you feel it’s just you against the world? You need someone to talk to but you feel no one’s there for you? Do you feel unappreciated a lot, even when you gave it your all and no one appreciates you? Well, then, this post is for you.

You might be wondering how? Or you might even still be in the denial state. Either way, that shouldn’t be the case. The case should be what need is to be done? How do you move on? How to you get up from that state? They are gonna be a lots of ideas, suggestions, opinions and so forth. People are gonna keep throwing in words at you and sometimes against you. But, I’m gonna need you to ask yourself this questions and try to get the answers. You can drop me a line if you wanna talk more about it privately or you could drop them on the comment box. It’s all up to you.

Now, what do you think is wrong? How do you right this wrong when you eventually find it out? It’s not always about the future, it is mostly important about the present, which is now. So, I need you to Take a Rest.

Yes, you need to take a Rest. Breathe and live. You might be wondering why Rest when I’ve got this or that to worry about? Why I have no friend or why I am so lonely? Why rest instead of looking for solution? But the truth is that we most time don’t really know what Resting can really do for us and how important we need this Rest once in a while if not frequently.

What is Rest?

According to Wiktionary, Rest is any relief from exertion; a state of quiet and relaxation. Rest is Peace; freedom from worry, anxiety, annoyances; tranquility.

Having known the actual meaning of Rest, why don’t you take a rest from that negative thoughts? Take a rest from that negative mindset, from that person who makes you feel you don’t deserve any better, from that situation that gets you anxious, worried, depressed, empty, lonely and so forth.

How to take a Rest?

First of all, what do you need to take a rest from? Is it your nagging mom? Your negative mindset, peer pressures, unappreciative folks, your arrogant boss, competitive colleagues and so on.

When you find out that which you need to take a rest from, then, your rest is right beside you. All you need to do is light it on and switch off the negativities around you.

Things to do to Enhance your Resting

Appreciate Yourself

Show yourself some love, say a ‘thank you’ to yourself as well either by treating yourself to lunch, take yourself to a spa, take yourself on a date. Do those thing you would love to do with/ to others to show appreciation. Do it to yourself as well.

Love Yourself

You need to love yourself for others to love you, because you teach other people how to love and treat you right. Compliment yourself around people, take pride in yourself. Be proud of yourself, but not arrogant.

Always Give Yourself the Best

Never settle for the second best if there is still a chance for you yo be the best or get the best. Be selfish with yourself sometimes. Let others see you too when you always see them. Don’t be someone you’re not just to show your are selfless. Be kind not nice.

Be Your Own Hero

It’s okay to have a knight in armor, be a damsel in distress and so on. But, you can not get your rest if you can’t even be your own hero. Save your own day. Be your own knight always and you’d be surprise the sudden change of how people would want to be your heroes at all cost.

Be Original

When you loose your authenticity, people tend to use you and discard you since you can be anything anytime. So, they use you anytime for anything. Be real and forget those who don’t want you for your authenticity. That way, you’d sure that whoever comes along and stays, comes because the love the you that you are. Easy right?

Quit the Procrastination

Do it already and stop the one last chance to get hurt. Yes, people need and deserve a second chance to make a positive change not to upgrade their old negative ways. So, cut off whatever and whoever that doesn’t understand what a ‘second chance’ is because definitely, they don’t deserve it if they don’t understand what they should do with it.

So, what do you say about taking a rest? Do you still think it’s not right or not yet time to take a rest? I hope this post helps your indecisiveness to make the right decision and take a rest today.

Live a Restful Live.


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