Jacket Ita Inochi

Hi there! Today, I’m gonna introduce to you all the “Jacket Ita Inochi”.

“Jacket Ita Inochi”, is the trending brands produced by Midspecial Concepts. Ita Inochi means weaving clothes in Ebira Tao language which is part of the North Central of Nigeria.

As Midspecial Concepts unveil her new Ita Inochi concepts product named “Jacket Ita Inochi.” Midspecial Concepts has taken it upon itself to bring Ebira traditional local attires to modern standard as a way of promoting Ebira Cultural Heritage to the global world.

The “Jacket Ita Inochi” is available in two different colors (white and black), styles and sizes for young and old alike.

The “Jacket Ita inochi” soon, will hit the local and international market, making it available for all Nigerians including the ones residing in diaspora as we have made arrangements with top online market stores such as Jumia, Konga, Yaistore, etc and at least one pickup station in each of the major city in the country.

To Get Yours? Do thisπŸ‘‡πŸ½

You can Pre-Order the product and be the first to rock it, just DM us on WhatsApp on 08132084435 or chat any of our social handle Facebook/Instagram (@midspecialconcepts).

Retailers who are interested in selling our products can also contact us for business.

Midspecial’s Concept Plans

This is just a tip of an iceberg; there’s little we can do from our limited capital, but with your full support, we will be able to stand to compete with other global tribes in Africa.

Midspecial’s dream is to create a new global Ebira tribe that will bring to reality the dream of they forefathers and rewrite their history in the sand of time.

You Can Also

Contact Midspecial Concept via

Tel: 08132084435
IG: @Midspecialconcepts
Fb: Midspecial Concepts

Why “Jacket Ita Inochi”?

The jacket is trendy, classy and comfy. You can rock it with your jeans and any outfit of your choice.

You can wear it to work, school, church or to a casual meetings. It is an all weather outfit and you can rock it anytime, anywhere.

Rock “Jacket Ita Inochi outfit proudly😎

Happy Cold Friday 😘



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