#25 Quo-tivation💪🏽 to Keep You Moving.

Hello guys!🙋🏽 Sorry, i haven’t been posting. I am such a bad blogger.😥 Believe me, i know.😔 But, i can’t help it ’cause school gat me like that, welp!😓

So, lately i got back to school! Which i so hate😩, yeah! And congratulations to me again ’cause, it’s my finals!💃🏽 and i can’t just wait to get out…😎Enough with the gist about muah!😂

So, today I’m posting some of my works here. I call it Quo-tivation💪🏽. A combo of Quotes and Motivations. I wrote them at my leisures. They help keep me busy and depression free.😊

So, i thought🤔 to myself why not share with others? You don’t know who needs it too, and here we are!👏🏽

You do me a quick fav?😊 Make the hell of a sure you have fun getting motivated and inspired, as much as i love to write and share them.🤗

P.S: Guys, i will be posting once every week and that will be every Saturdays.

Always share🤳🏽, follow🚶🏽, like💖 and comment🗣 your opinions.🙏🏽 Cindy need them oooo😪


Thank you,🙇🏽 for giving me the chance to impact💕 in you today.😊

Have a Serene Weekend!🥂


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