Have you ever been on the lane where nobody ever spoke of?

Because that shit is what I feel right now.

People says depression has a cure. Fine!

All you need to do is talk to someone. Who?

Try to be happy and live in the moments. Great!

All this shit is what those who don’t even know what it feels to be broken and empty says to us because, everyone thinks they can spill shits when everything falls apart for someone else.

After all, it was just a suggestion, an advice. Really?

How about the feelings we wanna talk about so bad but scared of being judged?

How about the tears we are trying to hold up so that we won’t be called weak?

How about the fears we are trying to swallow and always get choked on so that we would be seen as bravery?

Nobody cares about the inside life we live or about the sacrifices we make just to keep things together.

Yet, people are so quick to judge, condemn and criticize others for the wrong they did without knowing the choice the had to chose from.

The society care less for the inside life of it’s citizens but once your outside life is hearable, you become a hero.

Now, what about those who are true heroes that never got recognized?

What about our children who look up to the so-called leaders of today, how will they become a good leaders of tomorrow if the leaders of today are so corrupt?

You claim to be special, holy, saint and good while you point fingers at those who you ought to help become better.

Life sucks but the inhabitants and the society at large makes it unbearable most times.

We are our own problems and the unshared truths are those lies we tell ourselves to justify our wrong doings, and to please ourselves forgetting the conscience feeds only on the truth.

Hope you add value to someone’s life after you read this.

We all are on a battlefield, but you are a better soldier than some soldiers. Why not help shield the weaker ones?

Be someone’s shoulder and listening ears to help reveal the unshared today.

Be a good soldier today!


Published by Cindy

I'M CYNTHIA A Poet, Blogger, Social media marketer and Photographer dedicated to Inspire and Motivate you through the journey of life.

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