The Dakolas vs The COZA Pastor (How Biodun Fatoyinbo Defiled Busola)

Busola Dakola opening up the rape incident in her past by the famous pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo of COZA. This is now an everyday talk in the social media world, it has become a wildfire in the social media world today. So many reacting, responding, defending, accusing, and even saying things they don’t know.


The truth is that we only know what we’ve been told about this incident. Believe it or not, only God, Busola, Fatoyinbo and the devil knows the actual truth about the rape incident.

But, hey! I am not saying that the pastor is not guilty or that he is righteous according to the stories we’ve heard so far from Busola and from the pastor’s responds. But, I just really wanna know something, like really, why now Busola? Why not hunt the beast down privately and then tell the story publicly?


I mean her husband knew about it and still married her, because he truly love her, right? Busola, if you wanna hunt this monster honey, you don’t need to plan your schemes in the public. You simply hunt this man down and give the world the testimonies. But this? Okay what do want from Pastor. Fatoyinbo? The man is not even gonna admit it. Of course, who will? With such reputation in the world today? And what about Busola’s reputation?


Checkout what Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo says here

Pastor. Fatoyinbo says that he has never raped before. Like seriously who would agree to the accusations.


But, the trending news now, is that Bisola’s husband, Dakola has finally reacted to the famous COZA pastor’s responses.

Read more here

Watch and Listen to what Busola Dakola said at the interview with YNaijaTV.

Drop your thoughts on this matter.


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