Yesterday, You Said Tomorrow.

Hello there! Glad to have you back today. How your weekends? Mine wasn’t all great as I had to lie on my bed to recover fully from the little malaria attack, geez! Was horrible. Well, I’m better now and so here I am! I’ve something to share with you guys. So, listen up!


This is a story shared on one of the WhatsApp group I have on my list, so I saw this story and bingo! It clicked, why not share with your beautiful and supportive readers? I mean, this is for everybody and I’ve to ring it out today to remind some people to live a little, live today before the unreachable tomorrow comes and puff! You’re gone. Why procrastinating? Why don’t you pamper yourself and take care of the person staring back at you in the mirror?Β Your reflection…

Remember, life is what you make it be. Why not make it your own and live it to the fullest!


Read and share your thoughts and experiences if any. If none, share with friends and families, like and follow my blog for juicier updates.

Enjoy your reading:

*I found this thoughtful:*

An old man told me a story about his late cousin who used most part of his active life in service to pay off a mortgage. He wanted to build a mansion so he took a huge loan for it.

All other dreams he had were buried in his quest to build this mansion as he was stretched to the limits. He died shortly after his retirement and in a few years, his wife and two children he left behind had no real time use for his mansion. To them, it was too big, a waste of space and to all intent and purposes, old-fashioned.

They sold the house off to buy a smaller apartment and some cars. The man who told me this story was pained for one thing: that mansion was the reason his cousin could hardly take care of other life’s necessities. He literally lived for it but shortly after he was gone, it was up for sale.

Friends, for once, slow down and take good care of yourself.

I know you like to save for tomorrow but today happens to be a tomorrow you once talked about. For many people, their tomorrow never comes as they bury themselves in the race to secure a future.

Build a house for yourself and not for your children. Rather equip them with the capacity to build for themselves. Your taste today will not be their taste tomorrow.

When you are no more, they will throw a big party for their friends in the name of giving you a “befitting burial”. Please endeavor to throw some for yourself while still alive.

Slow down and pamper yourself a bit. There is a kind of joy and fulfillment that come from eating from the fruits of your labor. My friend, eat it. It is a gift of God.

Pamper your feet. Wear good shoes. Eat good food. Dress well, all within your means and not on credit. Don’t be like people whose tomorrow never comes.

Today is the tomorrow you once looked forward to.

Live, today!


Enjoy where you are, on the way to where you are going.

So, guys! That was the end of the story. What’s stopping you from living your life? You can share and get help with friends you can trust or just talk it out with some stranger you’re never gonna see again, I hope. Well, that helps me too.

Have a Great Week!

Keep your day serene…xoxo.


P.S: don’t mind the poor photos, I promise to feed your eyes with breathtaking pieces of arts soon. Meanwhile, learn and live!


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