A Cry of Help.

Isn’t it funny how we all need a little hand to pull us out from our own darkness even when we think we don’t need anybody to help us?

Isn’t it so sad that we secretly wish that somebody will stay with us even when we tell them to go away because we are always scared of losing them already?

Deep down, we wish and pray that people would see how scared we are even when we put on our toughest act, by building iron wall and bars.

Day after day we hope and Pray that people would see how fragile our heart is even when our mouth professes strong words.

We need others to see that we are the opposite of what will bring forth because deep down inside our heart we need our loved ones to see that we are not strong alone.

We need them to see that we need somebody to help save us from our demons and our monsters, from the chaos and the hurricanes that occurs in our heart, in our mind, in our heads, and deep down within us.

Just anybody,

Anybody out there who can hear us, if at all that you are listening, please help and save us.

Somebody, anybody save us.


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