Sometimes, I sit down and my imaginations begins to display. Someone will think of you like this, says my heart;

I know I suck at all these things. But for you I am willing and ready to learn and be better for you.

For your smile, your lips, they’re toxic and yet addictive. I just can’t help it when you smile ’cause, you smile is just as dazzling as your sun kissed lips.

Those lips I could get addicted to; just can’t seem to get enough.

Those eyes I can’t stop getting lost in them.

That body I could die for just to be entangled by.

That beautiful heart of yours I could kill for just to have all to myself, for you are MINE.

I love you so much that I can’t stop wishing that those romance books where written simply for us.

Life with you is all I ask for.

But, it’s all in my head and I began to ask is that even possible? I’d there someone out there who is ready to call me ‘MINE’? As in theirs?

P.S: watch video it understand better.

PS: Don’t change who you are for someone who isn’t meant for you. Be patient and yours will come looking for you, and Yes! They is someone who will call you theirs because you’re true his/ hers. Just be You.

Have a Beautiful Thursday…xo.



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