Live cycle

It’s funny how you are so tired to do anything every morning but still find yourself waking up when the alarm goes off, with so much troubles just to get up and get ready for the day. You end up dragging yourself out of the house yet to come back flushed and spent, and this cycle continues everyday.

Only to end up every night thinking about what went through the day. You get to remember those little things that makes no sense to other people because actions and words spoken always have its own way of sticking up with people at the receiving end.

But then, just like you sow seed, take away weeds and water your plants to get a healthy harvest, so do we ought to do with everything we come across in this life. Life itself is a process and the process is always continuous. Whether positive or negative.

The adage ‘what goes around comes around’ means what happens today definitely will repeat itself tomorrow. So, let no one think or treat you less irrespective of what the circumstance is. You deserve better just like everyone else.

Your live cycle determines how you live your life.

Decide what your live cycle should consist and stand on it.

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