My erratic moods had me walking on the stilts of depression and loneliness,

Leaving me empty, lonely and broken that I always find myself healthy yet sick, happy yet sad, strong yet weak, and full yet empty, that most time I feel I need a paramedic, because I think I’m drifting away from myself a lot these days.

I need a paramedic to give me a new breathing organ, ’cause I feel mine is failing me miserably every seconds.

The world’s axiom is that, ‘ you owe the world nothing and the world owes you nothing’. Which is true to some extent.

But my axiom is that ‘the world owes me a lot ‘. Which means that I had to brace up and face the battles they create with their mere ungodly deeds, Pretending to be good when I’m falling apart, feel nothing when pain is all I know?

No, I ain’t gonna do that, because I have to accept that I am hurt, I’m hurting and in pain every breathing space.

I have to admit that I’m not perfect and that my world is not all roses, but thorns.

I have to plant myself as roses, water and watch myself as I grow into a beautiful garden that the world sees blossoming.

Only then, am I permitted to heal because only then will I be able to heal completely and grow as I blossom like the flower that I am.

Would anyone believe me when I say I am in love? Isn’t that the birth of all feelings?

Hurting, pains, loneliness, emptiness and hate. Isn’t love the culprit?

You can’t hate if you never loved.

You can’t be hurting if you weren’t healed before everything goes down south.

Emptiness and loneliness is what you feel when love is gone. So, I learned to love myself and find strength in me when other measures fails.

P.S: Self-love and self-respect is all that you need to stand strong and in every step you take in this journey of life.


Please share if this was helpful to you. They’re many other who might need this article as well. I’d like to hear your suggestions too if you feel this ship needs an experienced sailor’s push to sail to the right direction.


Thanks for stopping by after such a long break from my part.

Have a great time.


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