Follow the Light

Hey! It’s a new week! “Dear Monday, be good to us”. This is what we all wish for each day we spend on earth or should I say, we all say this prayer one way or the other. But, the problem isn’t the prayer/ the wish but, the fact that we don’t work towards it. How? You may ask. Not to worry, that’s the more reason I need 5minutes of your time if you don’t mind. Thank you.

Today’s post title says, “Follow the Light”. First of all, you need to ask yourself am I in darkness? whether spiritually, emotionally, mentally, or physically. Yes? Then ask yourself what is the light? what do I do to follow the light? How do I follow the light? Furthermore, you have to know that our lights differ depending on who you are, so you don’t go copying how to follow other people’s light.

You are different and special, so is everyone, always remember that.


They are some questions you may be asking yourself right now which I’m going be throwing some lights to assist us to follow our own lights.

What is the Light?

In a layman’s language, “Light” is known to be anything visible; sight; transparent; things that are useful to us. It is anything that darkness cannot comprehend (John 1:5).

According to Wikipedia “Light” is electromagnetic radiation within a certain portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. The word usually refers to visible light, which is the visible spectrum that is visible to the human eye and is responsible for the sense of sight.

Now, let’s bring it closer to ourselves. Your light can be family, friends, your teacher, your spouses, your husband/wife, your kids, your career, your dreams and so on. Why? Because they are responsible for your sight, and what is your sight? Your Sight is whatever that helps you be yourself, what helps you to not lose yourself trying to please others. That is your sight. That’s why you need to ask yourself what/who is my light? You need to find that out on your own, that way, nobody will ever have the power to lure you to the darkness anymore, no matter what they do, because you were able to discover your light through your own self-discovery.

Now, you see, I used to have problems with one of my lights that was my mood, and whenever I was alone and not busy, I feel depressed, so sad that I felt empty and lonely. I know you’re are going to say; ‘that’s because you are single or because you don’t have friends’. But, my self-discovery and experiences have made it clear that it was because I hadn’t found my light then, and I didn’t have my sight which led to tapping from other people’s light momentarily and then what? That’s just it? Really? Yes, that was all I got and after that, the darkness, emptiness, and loneliness came rushing back to me. That is just it!

Find Out What’s Your Own Light and Follow it!

What do I do to follow the light?

To be sincere, it’s not gonna be easy to do any of these things, but then, nothing good comes so easily. So, you’ve got to fight for it, earn it and live it.

* Admit that you need this light; that you need to grow up, step up, breakthrough, and by doing that, you need to get on your knees, seek for the light, work towards achieving it and hold on to it on long terms. When you are on your knees or below others, doesn’t always mean bad or negative thing to do. Try to see the opportunity behind it and be positive about it. You tend to see what they are tramping on that slipped off their hands. So, it’s really advisable to start from scratch, from the crumbles if you want to find out who/what is your light.

Remember, your light sole purpose is to give you sight, not the other way round. Never forget that.

How do I follow the light?

You can start by accepting this light. Acceptance matters a lot, followed by the decision to follow your light. Your determination and your passion to follow your light will keep you on the track if you keep them blazing.

Don’t let the blight of life and your circumstances weigh you down and pull you off the track.

Motivational Quotes to Keep You Moving









So, guys, I hope this post makes an impact in you, motivates and inspires you to find, earn, follow and live your light just like I am doing right now. I was saved by Christ through prayer and crying to him when it gets too difficult to keep going. It’s okay to cry, rest, play but don’t quit! If I did it, you can do it, better than I did. Find your light and Follow it!

Please, let’s be generous with this post and share with friends and families, even your enemies. Be a source of light and sight to others. Save a broken heart and an empty soul by simply sharing. New ideas and opinions are highly appreciated.

With so much love…xoxo

Have a Brighter Day Ahead!




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