World Apart

The erratic community leaves us walking on the stilts of suspense and unpredictable future. For the dwellers have refused to straighten their ways by calling a spade, a spade.

The inhabitants of the rich world dwell in the axiom that states; “The rich should remain friends with the rich” and then giving room for more poverty-stricken people than affluent people in the society.

The poor remain friends with the poor, maintaining the class difference conceived by the phobia of mingling with the rich, and the rich lives with the dilemma of the poor ever yielding positive ends.

For the marks left by the dishonest and irresponsible creatures made in an image of God are imprinted deeply in their hearts and mindsets, that they tend to forget that the other face of a coin is never the same with the one they choose to believe is the only face of that coin.

The diversity in our world today needs paramedic attention to find its healing process. The community needs to set up a new axiom for future generations to come. Where the rich trust the poor, and the poor proves to be trustworthy of the chance to mingle with the rich world.

The world itself will be better for it when the rich mingle with the poor without fear of the usual axiom for they will be no more erratic outcomes.

The world itself will be grateful, because, for once, its inhabitants did something out of the mediocre in order to change the common axiom of the rich and the poor differences, to lead a legacy for the yet unborn generations and a chance to walk on the stilts of hope.


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