He was addicted to her demons, as she was addicted to his monsters.

Because they tend to connect more than ever after having a taste of each other’s miseries.

She was his possession, and he was her addiction.

They love so scary, yet enticing,

So evil, yet yields good fruits.

As they walk down the aisle of hell hand-in-hand,

Radiating dominance with everything raining red.

They were always surrounded by chaos and hurricanes,

As it was a war of “Our Love Against the World”.

But, he was her amour, and she was his weapon.

Only they love made them survivors of the chaotic world they found themselves in,

For her demons only yarn for  his monsters day-after-day,

As his monsters live only for her demons.

Even with their flaws clawing down the spines of their love,

They stood stronger than ever after each battle they fought,

Because he was her addiction, and she was the end of him.




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