Let’s be the Reason.

I want us to be the reason

Why breakups wanna hook up again,

Why kids wanna grow up fast,

Why parents wanna stick together with their kids,

Why the poor wanna work harder to become rich,

Why the rich wanna make friends with the poor,

Why the wicked forgets how to be bad for a second,

Why the good wanna keep up with the good works,

Why the broken heal faster,

Why the sick wanna get better soon,

Why the dying ones wanna live again,

Just because our love became their love too,

And a light to the darkness of their soul, body, mind, life, and their world.

I need us to make people wanna give themselves a second chance in life.

Let’s be the world’s role model and their stepping stone to better living, and

Love they never knew existed for them.

Let love each other for the world to learn how to love one another.


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