The Rich-Ghanian Bleacher, Ella Mensah Shares The Secrets to Her Success.

Lately, Ella Mensah has been the latest gossip on the internet so far aside Nigeria presidential electoral activities and the rest. As she proudly stated;

“I Paid 2000 Pounds To Bleach My Skin.”

Emmanuella Gifty Mensah, also popularly known as Ella Mensah is a Ghanaian fast-rising actress, and for a few years now, she has been acting and has starred in Ghana and Nigeria movies. She is also a professional master of ceremony, an influencer, and traveler who often posts photos of herself on Instagram, spending time in Miami, London, and other famous cities.

After so much achievement and accomplishments, She shares the secrets to her success., as she reveals paying a huge sum of cash to get herself the fair skin she rocks now. According to Ella Manseh, she took an injection which cost about 2,000 pounds to bleach her skin. After admitting that she bleached her skin. She spills the bean in an interview with Delay on the Delay show, Ella Mensah said;

“I don’t use cream to bleach my skin, I took an injection.”

Ella Mensah1

Ella Mensah further explained that there are several injections to select from after deciding to bleach. She stated that the injections have different prices depending on the level of bleach and how far one wants to become.

During the interview with the Delay on the Delay show, She goes further to reveal her reasons for bleaching her skin, which she stated clearly was for her job and the pleasure she enjoys now, Ella Mensah stated;

“I thought about it and it is my own skin and thank God I am not going to hurt or kill anybody. So I did it because I love it and also partly because of my job”.

Ella Manseh emphasized that her reasons were that Nigerian movie producers and directors prefer giving roles to light-skinned actresses, at the detriment of talented dark-skinned actresses. This led her to pay so much for her passion because she thought once done, she could fit in to achieve her dreams as an actress in the Ghallywood and Nollywood movie industry. She also implies that talent without beauty isn’t enough during an interview with Sammy Flexx on Zylofon Fm, Ella Manseh said;

“If you are a dark-skinned person, your talent alone is not going to push you up because a producer once told me that I have the height, the body and that I look attractive.’’

Ella Mensah goes on to unfold the secrets in the Nigeria movie industry, she states that she was advised by a fellow actress, as this unknown actress shared the outcome of adding bleaching to her decision, which she made known to Ella Mensah that it helped her get into the Nigeria movie industry. As crazy as this may sound, Ella Manseh exposed the Nigeria movies industry, and She made it clear that her only reason for lavishing 2,000 pounds was simply to change her skin color to get a role in a movie.

Listen to What She Said;


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