3 Easy Steps to Draw Fuller Eyebrows.

Howdy! Having a hard time drawing your brows? You want it fuller but don’t know how to do that with your makeups? Here is a fun fact that just may come as a surprise to you after following the steps accordingly. But notwithstanding, you can also share with us more steps and tricks on the comment box. So, don’t forget to like, comment, and share my post for encouragement, I would really appreciate that.

So, if you really want to find out whether it works for real, here’s an easier way that I’ve found and have been using.

Items You Will Need 

All you need is just 2 things, which are an eyebrow wax pencil (your regular eye pencil sticks) and a filling powder. You could go for Elf Cosmetics or Maybelline productions, they seem to be the top in the beauty world. You can still go for your nearby supermarket or the vendor shop close to your office or home. It doesn’t matter as long as it got quality, go for it.


eyebrow wax pencil3


Steps to Get Your Brows Fuller and Beautiful

  • Define the lines of your eyebrows with eyebrow wax pencil.

eyebrow wax pencil


  • Fill in your eyebrow with filling powder to add depth to brow.
eyebrow wax pencil3
eyebrow powder
  • Smoothen your fuller brows with the colorless eyebrow gel.

eyebrow gel2

If you follow this step pretty well and accordingly, you should have something like this or more prettier.

fuller brows

Don’t be too busy to look beautiful!

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Look Pretty and Stay Beautiful!




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