Hello there! How is it going? Pleased to have you here. Today, I will be sharing a new recipe. It’s something easy to prepare, affordable, yummy and appetizing. It’s all eaters-eatable. So, you may be wondering what is this new recipe? How it is prepared? What it is its content? Who can eat this? Don’t worry, I will answer all your questions and explain as we go further.

What is Biscoat?

Biscoat is derived from the English word Biscuit and Oat, like quaker oats. But this mine is Bisc-Oat, as in a combination of Bisc and Oat for pronunciation. Biscoat, as the name sounds is the mixture of affordable items to produce a creamy-yummy-tasty meal.

Biscoat, as I’d call it has been in existence just not with the name I gave it. I did invent its upgrade version. Lmao, You’d say, I upgraded it, a little.

Why I said that?

That’s because, as a student in college and high schools, I’m quite sure most Nigerians would have done this. But, mine is a bit different to what you already know, of course. This post is for you to try something else outside what you already know.

If you are a Nigerian student and you stayed boarding in high school or lived alone in college, you may have come across this sometime in the past, just not the upgraded version. Haha… You would agree that there is a slight difference to what you already know, and that brings me further to the birth of Biscoat.

Birth of Biscoat

As a food buddy, I came up with this recipe a few days back. I was famished, but I don’t know what to eat as my taste buds seem to have adapted so much to the rice and beans routine. I wanted to taste something new, something yummy yet creamy, I wanted to try some other things. Then, a bub light appears in my head, and I started gathering the items as they flash through my mind and then, bam! It clicked once it entered into my mouth and touched my tongue, my taste buds spiked up as a shiver runs through my spine, I know what you think! Haha…it was a good feeling. You would call it food inventory. Funny right?

The amazing thing is that the ingredients are affordable, they are basically all the things you have in your home.

Ingredients For Biscoat

As I said earlier, the ingredients for Biscoat are quite affordable and easy to get.

  • Biscuits are the first ingredient you need. Any kind of biscuit can go, but I prefer Cabin Biscuits. Yale product to be precise.
  • Milk either, liquid or powder can go. Both can be used for someone who prefers it creamy.
  • Water is of course important. It is essential when it comes to human and meal.


These ingredients are affordable and I’m sure they can be found in many homes as snacks and breakfasts. Nevertheless, the preparation is simple and easy all you have to do, is simply apply the ingredients to your taste, but not too much to avoid too getting sick as you know milk can be quite make one puke or purge, that is if consumed too much.

How to Prepare Biscoat

  • Break the biscuits into pieces and tiny bits.
  • Add water (not cold or hot) drops by drops, to avoid it turn watery.
  • Add milk (powder before liquid) to taste and stir.

If you get it right, it will be thick as golden morn or quaker oat and yet creamy. After that, your meal is ready to be served. It should look like this if you got it right.


Who can eat this?

Actually, Everyone can eat it. As long as you are not allergic to any of the ingredients, then it’s fine.


That’s it, guys!  I wanna thank my Instagram fans who stopped by today because of the post alert I posted yesterday on my page, Thank you all. You can comment on your thoughts and your outcomes after trying, what do you say? I’ll be waiting…

Have a great time.

With Pack of Love,





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